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你已经被布林·阿森录取了. 感觉很棒,对吧? 接下来的几年 could be filled with conversations, relationships, discoveries, life-changing moments, and a whole bunch of inside jokes shared with friends. 你可以写自己的故事. 你只需要进行下一步注册. 使用下面的资源来帮助你 驾驭过程.

但不要一个人去做! Don’t hesitate to contact us at 267-502-6000 or And we’d recommend finding a nice new Bryn Athyn sweatshirt at our 网上狮子服饰商店.


你被录取了! What's next?

That admission letter means we think you’d make a great Lion. 我们认为我们会的 也很适合你.  But this is your decision, and we want to do everything 我们可以帮你做出正确的选择.  这里有一些方法来决定Bryn Athyn是否 应该是你未来几年的家:

  1. Schedule a Visit! 我们有亲自参观和虚拟参观! 参加虚拟课堂,甚至发言 和教授或教练一起.
  2. 了解如何负担得起BAC. 完成FAFSA 这是我们唯一需要的经济援助表格!我们会制定一个经济援助计划 and show you all of your options for financing your education. 可以填写FAFSA out at fafsa.ed.gov我们学校的校规是 003228
    • For Fall 2024: 2024-25年FAFSA 将于2023年12月开始发售. 
    • 2023- 2024年冬季 or Spring 2024, file the 2023-24 FAFSA ASAP! 
  3. 提供个人财务咨询! Just call us and we’ll arrange a virtual or in-person meeting to help you to understand everything from completing the FAFSA to developing a financial plan unique to your circumstances.
  4. 你应该期待什么呢? 布莱恩·阿森学院的学生? We’ll prepare you in unique ways to make a real impact on 世界,通过 我们的专业和核心要求, and through our mission 作为全国唯一的新教会学院.
  5. 支付入学保证金 在我们的进入舱里坐好. 不可退还的200美元押金可能是 通过你的 student portal. 优先权期限:
    • Winter 2023: November 8
    • Spring 2024: March 1
    • Fall 2024: May 1
  6. 计划住在校园里? 支付住房保证金.

Following Steps:

There are a few things you’ll need to do before you arrive on campus to start life 作为一只布林亚森狮子. For a complete list and to manage your progress, access your student portal.


Medical form Print the 身体及健康资讯单张(PDF) and have your physician fill it out and mail to the address listed on the form.


  • 2023-2024冬季:2023年11月15日
  • 2024年春季:2024年3月1日
  • 2024年秋季:2024年5月1日

激活您的Bryn Athyn电子邮件帐户: Shortly after you deposit, we’ll set up your account and send you instructions to activate it.  We will begin communicating with you through your Bryn Athyn email account about orientation and registration requirements soon.

报名参加培训和注册Students enrolling in the Winter and Spring terms: orientation takes place just before 开始上课. Fall students: 新生活动(暑期迎新活动) for the fall term will take place over the summer, and will be followed by an individual 与你的学术顾问进行咨询会议. 迎新周(课前迎新) 会在上课前举行吗. 咨询办公室将发送详细信息 in June.

把你的最终成绩单寄给我们 Official transcripts of all high school and college work in progress at the time of your admission, including certification of any diplomas, must be received so that 我们可能会在秋季确认你的入学. Deadlines: Winter term: November 15; Spring term: March 1; Fall term: August 1

最后确定你的财务计划:  If you are receiving financial aid, the Financial Aid Office may request additional 您提供的信息. Please review your financial aid award letter and checklist 在你的学生门户网站. After you receive your bill, the bursar will work with you to establish a payment plan for any portion of your bill not covered by financial aid.

支付你的第一学期账单: 你的任期账单是 sent as follows: Fall students: in July. Winter students: your term bill will be sent in early November; Spring st学生:三月初. Your bill will reflect all financial aid and scholarships you’ve received. You can even set 制定方便的10个月付款计划. 财务司将与你一起工作,以确保你的 financial arrangements are in place in time to pay your bill. 首选付款日期: 开学前两周.

给住在校园里的学生: See "Resident Student" next steps below, including 房屋保证金, Roommate 调查表和装箱单建议.

  • Please print the 身体及健康资讯单张(PDF) and have your physician fill it out and mail to the address listed on the form.
  • A student is not permitted to move onto campus, attend classes, or register for classes 直到她/他的 身体及健康资讯单张(PDF) has been reviewed and cleared by the student health center staff.

Many doctors’ offices schedule appointments several weeks or even months in advance. Students who are unable to schedule an appointment before the June 15th deadline could instead contact their current physician’s office and ask the office to fill in the immunization history on 布莱恩·阿森学院’s medical form. 医生的办公室是 通常能在不到一周的时间内完成. 一旦免疫信息是 entered on the form by the physician’s office a student may use a service such as a “CVS Minute Clinic” to complete the remaining physician’s portion of the medical form. The cost for this service at a minute clinic or similar service is usually in 50-80美元的范围. Minute-Clinic位置: 〇CVS Minute Clinics 沃尔格林保健诊所




  •  All incoming, enrolled, full-time students are required to come to campus with a laptop.


  • If you’d like to participate in athletics, please visit our Sports Medicine page.




All institutions are required to provide notice to prospective students of the availability of the institution’s Security Report (including Emergency Response and Evacuation Procedures), Timely Warning, and Crime Log, and its Fire Safety Report and Fire Log.  合并报告可在以下网址找到 Annual Security & Fire Safety Report.

Requests for paper copies of the report should be sent to


Financial Aid



Health Clinic

Residence Life



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